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Welcome to the home page for American Compliance Systems (ACS). We are pleased you are visiting our site to learn about us and how our products and services can help your company comply with OSHA requirements. Whether you require consultative service or a full complement of resources, ACS is dedicated to providing companies with cost-effective solutions to meet their safety needs.

Safety Pays . . . in so many ways
When an injury occurs in your workplace, it is not just the injured employee that is affected.  Your company also suffers lost time, replacement costs, disruption in work-flow, and decreased productivity.  Your company can take proactive steps to minimize workplace accidents and injuries, and at the same time take steps to decrease both direct and indirect costs associated with such incidents.

Positive impacts include reducing direct insurance costs (mostly workers' compensation), reduction of indirect costs, promotion of a positive safety culture, and improvements in morale and production.  As well as, general OSHA compliance resulting in less chance of citations and fines.

Most of all, peace of mind, that you have done all that you can for the well being of your employees and business.  Ask us about state specific incentive programs that may be offered for your safety program.

What Can We Do For You?
At ACS we specialize in providing customized compliance services, programs, and products that fit your company's particular needs and operations.  With an emphasis on occupational health and safety, we offer everything from full service, turnkey programs to unique one time consultations.

Through a coordinated team effort that draws on the special talents of each safety professional on our staff, we can provide complete, thorough, and cost-effective services.  Our services have produced significant reductions in the number of employee injuries and have been instrumental in substantial savings for workers' compensation insurance costs.

Whether you require consultative service or a full complement of resources, ACS is dedicated to providing companies with solutions to their safety needs.


  • OSHA Compliance
  • Written Safety Plans
  • Onsite Employee Training
  • Online Employee Training
  • Workplace Safety Survey
  • OSHA Inspection Support
  • Compliance Recordkeeping System

Loss Control

  • Injury/Illness Causation Evaluation

  • Loss Control Programs

  • Return to Work Programs

  • Loss Run Reviews

  • Consulting


  • Air Quality Testing

  • Respiratory Fit Testing

  • Noise Monitoring

  • MSDS Evaluation

  • Laboratory Hood Testing

  • Workplace Evaluation

  • Chemical Hygiene Plans



  • Permit Assistance

  • EPA Report Filings

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Environmental Consulting

Search our website to see what safety solutions will work best for your business
or give us a call at 800.554.3577 and find out how we can help.

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